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Pusher and Peeler Centrifuges
Item # Manufacturer Model Number Description
wpe33.gif (3020 bytes) 1



4 Machines, Single stage pusher centrifuge, 316, complete machine, no controls



316SS. 7.5HP motor, sub-base; plus extra parts machine



1 stage screen basket, 30HP motor 460/3/60

wpe33.gif (3020 bytes) 4 Baker-Perkins S-32  

3 Pusher centrifuges, Hastelloy C276 complete machines, no controls

  5 Bird  M500

3 Machines, 316 SS complete machines, no controls 

wpe33.gif (3020 bytes) 6 Krauss Maffei SZ90L

5 Machines, Pusher centrifuges, 316 SS complete machines, no controls

wpe33.gif (3020 bytes) 7 Krauss Maffei SZ90-2

Double stage pusher centrifuge, 316, 1988 vintage, complete machine no controls


Krauss Maffei

CRE1spare SZ90.jpg (31149 bytes)

Pusher Centrifuge Quantity (2)

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